You must showcase your products in a multimedia eportfolio along with supporting evidence.


You should treat the eportfolio as another multimedia product and include appropriate multimedia assets on the context pages. You should consider the purpose of your products when constructing your eportfolio.


Make sure you have all the evidence you need in your PRODUCTS and EVIDENCE folders.


How should it be structured?

It is important that the structure of your eportfolio is logical so that the moderator can find all the evidence.


Create a structure chart to map out the pages of your eportfolio and how they link together.


The eportfolio should include:

Preparing the evidence

Every moderator has a set of software called the Moderator's Toolkit. It specifies the readers and players that all moderators will have available. It is your responsibility to ensure that your eportfolio only includes files which can be read using the toolkit.


The Moderator’s Toolkit is published on the Edexcel website.

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