What's the attraction?



You need to ensure you save all the work you do in the correct folders.

Create a folder called DA203SPB which contains these two subfolders:

Products are shown with this symbol Product and other evidence is shown with this symbol Evidence.

Elements table

You must keep careful records of all sources you use to gather elements, both primary and secondary.

You should describe each element and any changes you make, how and where it is used in the product(s) and details of the permission required for its use.

Evidence Create an elements table. Ensure that you keep it up to date throughout the project.


You must comply with copyright.

Test Buddy

You must have a test buddy who will give you useful feedback on your work. You must also be a test buddy for someone else and comment on their work.

Test buddy feedback should be given on product designs and prototype products and should include:

End-of-Project Reviewers

You will also need feedback from end-of-project reviewers on your final products.