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42-43 Copheap Lane


GU99 7MN


Tel: 04832 847288

Fax: 04832 847290





General information

The WildCare Trust was set up in 2005 with the aim of saving animals from extinction. It is a charity and relies on its members for financial support to continue its work.


Membership fees are the main source of income, supported by the animal adoption scheme and donations.


Wildcare plans to develop a database of endangered species which can be downloaded and used by members.


Membership options

At present, there are three levels of membership - Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Two new options are planned for next year - Teens and Kids.


WildCare Teens (13-19 years)

Members will receive a Welcome Pack and will be able to download a database of information about endangered species.  The pack will include a membership card, sample results from the database, a leaflet with information about some of the animals and an adoption application form.


Teen members will receive a magazine twice a year to keep them up to date on the work of the charity.


WildCare Kids (Under 13s)

Members will receive a Welcome Pack including a membership card, a badge and a sticker album.

Members will receive stickers and activity sheets twice a year to keep them up to date on the work of the charity.


Animal adoption scheme

Members may choose any animal in the database and adopt it by completing an application form and paying a fee. In return they are sent an adoption certificate and a bookmark featuring their adopted animal plus regular updates throughout the year. The scheme is only open to WildCare Members.