The Deserted Labyrinth


Imagine you are suddenly transported to a room that you do not recognise. You look around in the dim light and all you can see are two doors. You walk over to the door to your right and pull the handle. It is locked. You start to panic. You walk over to the second door as your heart pounds faster. You pull the handle in hope, and the door gradually opens. You enter another unfamiliar room. Where are you? How will you escape the Deserted Labyrinth?

In this project you will create an escape game for 12-to 16-year-olds.

You can choose the location for your escape game. For example, it could be a medieval dungeon complex or a base on a distant planet in a far-away galaxy.

The game must contain at least five rooms. The player must pick up and interact with items in the room to solve at least two puzzles per room, one being a physical task, the other being a mental challenge. When the puzzles are solved this will allow access into the next room.

You will: