The Olympics are not just about sport and competition! The games promote the seven Olympic and Paralympic values which include excellence, friendship and equality.


The SmallSteps4Life programme is inspired by London 2012 and promotes Olympic values amongst young people. It is about taking small steps to improve lifestyles by taking challenges to eat well, get active and feel good.  The challenges last for four weeks and encourage a 'can do' attitude.


In this project you will prepare publications to promote the Olympic values and SmallSteps4Life challenges.


You will:

There's a lot to do and you'll need some help along the way. You will work with a test buddy, another student in your class, who will help check your publications.


First, check that you understand the symbols used in this brief.


Next, read through the whole brief to find out more about what you have to do.


Carry out some background research into Olympic values and the SmallSteps4Life programme.