Five a day. That's how many portions of fruit and vegetables we should eat every day. And you can't get away with five bananas or five portions of strawberries! It needs to be a mixture of fruit and veg. If they are divided into different colour groups, then aiming for one from each group each day is a good way to ensure a variety.


You will create a Reality Check for school children and students aged 9 and over. This will use a spreadsheet to analyse data and tell the user whether they are keeping to the Five a Day rule.


You will create a database called Five a Day which stores information about different fruit and vegetable portions, divided into colour groups. You will use it to extract useful information for Reality Check users.


Users of the Reality Check will receive a personalised Information Pack based on their results.


You will create a sample information pack for a 'test buddy' - someone you choose from the target audience.


Finally, you will create some digital posters to encourage school children to eat healthier snacks and to try out your Reality Check.


So, where should you start?


Check that you understand the symbols used in this brief.


Read through the brief to find out more about what you have to do.